As a full-service moving company, TDY Moving and Storage has many specialties. One of them being NYC movers that are experts at transporting antiques and fine art collectables. 

Antique and fine art moving is similar in some ways to our residential and commercial moving services. You’ll get all of the following when you choose us to handle your fine art or antique items:

  • The same friendly customer service
  • The same fast, efficient delivery
  • The same great rates

​These reasons alone are enough to make most people stop in their tracks and pick up the phone. After all, a dependable moving company that is reasonably priced doesn’t come along every day. The professionalism you will experience with us is second to none. 

However, these things aren’t all you have to consider when you need priceless works of art moved. You also have to choose a company that has experience in this type of moving and one that knows the importance of keeping irreplaceable items in perfect condition. 

We are well aware that there are still pieces of art in private collections that are valued at well over $200 million. We also know that a painting that has been in your family for generations may not have as much monetary value, but it may be quite important to you nonetheless. For that reason alone, we treat every single piece of art with the same amount of respect and care. 

We are one of the few NYC movers who specialize in the transportation (and safe delivery) of fine art and antiques. 

You may be concerned that we won’t be interested in bringing you on as a valued customer since you only have one or two pieces, not a museum-sized collection. That certainly isn’t the case! We will work with you whether you have one painting or a dozen – or more! We believe that the size of the collection doesn’t overshadow the value of each and every piece. 

Types of Antiques
If you’ve ever caught an episode of Antiques Roadshow (or even a clip of it), you probably know that the oddest things can be considered antiques. The technical definition of an antique is something that is over 100 years old and shows some sort of craftsmanship in its creation. This is a rather broad definition, and, therefore, it can apply to many different items. 

There’s no possible way we could cover every type of antique that we can move, but we thought we’d go into a little detail about a few of them, just to show you the attention to detail that goes into moving each one:

  • 50s and 60s office equipment is very trendy right now. If you were paying attention, you’ll know that these items aren’t ‘antique,’ but merely ‘vintage.’ Splitting hairs if you ask us… 

The point is that items such as telephones, paperweights, typewriters, and early copying machines are increasingly popular collectibles that will only rise in value in the future. Moving these kinds of items requires care because many of them are made from fragile plastic that was never meant to last 50, 75 or 100 years. 

However, other office equipment from this time period and even earlier was made from heavy metals and real wood – materials that necessitate some real heavy lifting! 

  • Clothing from hundreds of years ago can give us a peek into the values and norms of a different world. If you have antique clothing, chances are you already have it stored properly in your home, whether they are stored away carefully in the attic or displayed for all to see in a shadowbox on the wall. 

In any case, a your NYC movers we can transport your antique or vintage clothing (or other cloth items, such as quilts, aprons, or tablecloths) with no issues. 

  • Antique jewelry presents moving challenges of its own, but you can be sure that we can handle it. Jewelry has to be packed carefully so that it does not get broken or tangled up with other items. 

We aren’t normally hired to move a single pair of earrings or a necklace, but we commonly run across antique jewelry when we are doing residential moving. Many times, our clients will ask us to pack these special items up while they take care of less valuable jewelry, since they know we have the experience to take ultimate care of these items. 

  • Musical instruments may not fall under the ‘antiques’ umbrella for some people, but those same people can’t argue that these items are certainly valuable collectables. 

TDY Moving and Storage will take great care to see that your 1940 Gibson Les Paul guitar or your great-grandmother’s century-old Victrola will make it to its new home without a scratch! 

  • China, glassware and silver are more traditional antique pieces. If you request our packing services, we will pack all of your dishes and breakables very carefully, including the ones that are worth hundreds of dollars per piece. 

We have seen china which is hundreds of years old from Italy, England, Sweden, and many other counties. Some of our clients proudly claim that the china has been in their family for generations, while others admit that they are simply admirers and collectors. 

Whatever the case may be, we will take great care when moving these valuable pieces. 

  • Figurines are interesting collectibles because they often serve two purposes. They are pretty to look at, and they also illustrate a way of life that is long gone. Because they preserve history and culture, figurines can be very valuable. 

Because they replicate real life, figurines often have sharp edges and small, thin parts that can be very fragile. As expert NYC movers we know exactly how to pack and transport small, medium or large figurines, making us the obvious choice for any collector! 

  • Books of any kind are very heavy. You don’t have to be a moving professional to know that! But you may not realize that moving antique books presents more challenges than just their weight. 

Antique books often have weak spines, bindings and covers, so they must be packed thoughtfully – usually spine down, cardboard in between and steadied with packing peanuts. Depending on the value and condition of the books, we may also choose to wrap them individually in cling wrap to protect them during the move. 

Types of Fine Art
‘Fine art’ has expanded over the years to include many different media. No matter how mankind chooses to express itself, it won’t be long before someone falls in love with it and calls it art. As an expert NYC moving company, we are experienced and professional when it comes to moving your fine art. 

  • Paintings of oil, acrylic and watercolor are the most common ones we are asked to move, although we are familiar with the ins and outs of transporting other types of paintings as well. We will want to know the type of paint and the size of the painting when giving you details and an estimate for moving a painting. 


  • Sculpture, along with paintings, is one of the original fine arts. If you have indoor or outdoor sculptures to be moved, call us today! We have the equipment – and the muscle, if necessary – to move wooden, metal and clay sculptures. 


  • Artifacts are handmade objects that are hundreds of years old. Artifacts tend to be of cultural importance. They can be tools, weapons or cooking utensils. Besides being historically interesting, many of them look really cool, too! Displaying an artifact in your home can give it just the eclectic edge you are looking for. Don’t let anyone besides our NYC movers handle your valuable artifacts! 


  • Photography is a cutting-edge type of art. When a photograph is perfectly shot and framed, hanging on your wall, it really can look like the work of art that it is. We can move photographs and canvas prints for you so that you don’t have to pack them in the trunk of your sedan. 

As we said earlier, we’ve only scratched the surface of the different types of antiques and fine art pieces there are. Antique furniture, for example, was not covered above, but it is often one of the items routinely included in a residential or commercial move. For these items, we know how to protect them from scratches and dents and from getting broken pieces like casters and arms. 

If any items calls for additional wrapping and cushioning, we will make sure to do these things before beginning your move. 

We didn’t intend to give an itemized list of all our antique and fine art moving services, but we simply want to give you a big-picture view of how detailed our services can be. You will find NYC movers that promise to haul your antique items, but few will guarantee the items will arrive safely and in one piece! 

​Don’t trust your priceless fine art to just anyone. Only our fine staff will take care of your valuables as if they are our own. We are committed to moving your antique items safely, and we also want them to arrive quickly, but we will gladly sacrifice a little extra time to ensure that your items do not get damaged!

Just wanted to give a friendly shout-out to our friends in South Florida who do a wonderful job in the art of moving fine art - https://www.bestinbrowardmovers.com



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