A message from the Best NYC movers.

Dear NYC Moving Client, 

We are Mike and Edward, owners of TDY Moving & Storage. We have been in the moving business since the late 80’s. Mike started out with some friends and a van slowly working his way up to running a full professional moving and storage company.

Edward joined by working on the truck, driving, sales, then becoming a partner. So, both Mike and Edward know each and every detail of the moving and storage business. Most of TDY’s Moving & Storage team has been with us from the start. We’re a family owned moving company with "NYC values". We pride ourselves in being like one big family and that is what makes us different from other NYC moving companies.

TDY Moving & Storage is helping hundreds of clients per month move because when you hire us you’re hiring a local mover that will treat you like family. To us you are not just another number and our priority is ensure you are satisfied with your NYC move. We may not be cheap NYC movers but we are the best movers in NYC!

Don’t believe us?

Well check us out on Yelp. There we have a ton or reviews from satisfied clients and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

So enough about us, lets talk about you. After all, you’re our number one priority!

You either need to move to or from NYC right? Maybe just to another neighborhood in one of the many NYC boroughs?

Perhaps you need storage for your stuff to make room for little Jane or John?

Maybe you decided like many others to move south?

Whatever your moving and storing need may be, you’ll want a moving company that is:

Transparent with pricing and costs to move

Won’t try and hard sell or pressure you

Will treat you and your belongings with respect

Communicate every step of the way

Act professionally at all times

Fully licensed and insured

Use modern equipment and trucks

Use quality packing and storing supplies

Make relocation a painless experience

Look we get it, moving is one of the worst things that you have to do in life and as your trusted local moving and storage company we strive to make the experience as painless as possible.

After all you’re starting a new chapter in your life and that should be exciting!

So if we’re on the same page and you want to discuss how we can be your professional moving company, break out that phone and give us a call.

We can be reached at: (347) 535-3131

This is what your going to get:

A FREE no obligation quote either over the phone and if local then in          person.

When you’re ready, a reserved moving date.

A delightful stress free moving experience.

We are ready to earn your business as the #1 Moving Company in NYC.



What services do you offer?

Well this is sure to be long winded given we offer many services. Remember you are our number one priority so we will go above and beyond to solve any of your needs. With that said, here are the services we offer. Local moving, long distance moving, residential moving, commercial moving, piano moving, packing services, storage services, moving help, moving tips, moving checklists, moving logistics, and moving planning.

What cities and areas do you service?

We are happy to do local moves throughout the five boroughs Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. We will also accommodate long distance moves from NYC to any where in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania). We’ve also done hundreds of moves across the nation to almost any city you need to move. Here are some of our favorites, Washington D.C., West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Dallas, Denver, LA, San Diego, San Francisco. If your location wasn’t mentioned don’t worry you and your city is still important and we can move you there.

Are you a licensed and insured NYC mover?

US Department Of Transportation #1754924

New York State Department Of Transportation #37441

MC #624029

Should we get insurance?

You should consider insurance when moving and at TDY Moving we want our clients to best prepared for making a local or long distance move. Typically you can have two types of coverage, basic or full replacement.

Check with your homeowner’s insurance or renters insurance because sometimes they do provide coverage. In the event that they don’t which is most of the time, you can discuss with your insurance carrier the options for coverage or we are happy to assist you in obtaining coverage.

TDY Moving has an excellent record of damage free moves and we make every effort to ensure an incident free move. That said, we still recommend insurance because it serves as a guarantee that your possessions will be protected

TDY Moving offers an unparalleled level of quality service in the moving business. However we understand the importance that in the event something does happen to your precious belongings, you have the proper protection.

When you are determining the amount of insurance coverage that you need for your move you should spend the proper amount of time to determine the actual value of your possessions. The majority of people underestimate the value of their belongings by 50% or more.

NYC moving cost and how much to tip movers in NYC?

Our rates will vary due to the varying needs you may have. The factors impacting pricing are distance of move, timing (weekday vs. weekend), winter vs. summer, packing services and storage services. For a local move we will use hourly rates and a long distance move will be based on cubic feet needed. Gratuity and tipping is optional and not necessary but greatly appreciated if you feel our staff did an exemplary job. Don’t worry give us a call (347) 535-3131 and we’ll be happy to give you a quote and put it in writing!

Do I need a moving checklist?

It’s not necessary but it will only help and who doesn’t love a list?

Buy all the necessary tape, boxes etc. at least a month before and pack everything slowly, day by day. (Remember, you’ll need some energy to unpack too!)

Label your boxes, and pack room by room. You can even buy colored stickers to make it easier to know what goes where.

Take measurements of any large, odd shaped things that may not fit through your elevator or door at your destination.

The heavier the item, the smaller the box! Books should especially get packed in very small boxes.

Try and not leave much wiggle room in the boxes you do pack, especially the fragile ones. These can move and break during the drive.

If you’re hiring a professional moving company, let them know ahead of time of any items and artwork that need special attention.

Do your research! When picking out a moving company, never rush. Go online, and see what others have experienced with the company.

Don’t over pack a box! If a box is too heavy, it’ll increase the likelihood of your things falling right through the bottom when it’s lifted.

Don’t forget to inform all of your service providers, and the DMV about your address change

Check with your building if you need to make an special reservations for an elevator, or if any Certificates of Insurance are required ahead of time.

The process of moving is a stressful one, but it doesn’t have to be. We would recommend all our readers to go through professional moving company rather than doing it on your own. A moving company can lay out a better and more efficient plan.

How much planning is necessary to move?

Moving from one place to another is definitely not a piece of cake. You need to plan out everything properly beforehand. Unfortunately, in busy times like these, when people have minimal time for anything, moving can be problematic. It can become stressful for people. That is what our moving service is for. It serves that exact purpose - to minimize strain and leave you tension free when it comes to relocating. We provide the best service, keeping your wishes in mind because customer satisfaction is our top priority!

When relocating, there are many questions that can swarm your mind. With every day nearing to your relocation, anxiety can increase. All you need to do is consult us! We will give you the best moving advice, and answer all of your questions. Consultation is always absolutely free. We provide an excellent service that no one would ever deny.

?Often people ask us: "Where do we start packing from and how do we do it exactly?" We recommend starting your packing early. Obviously the best way to go about your situation is to have an organized move. Start by making a list of every room of your current place, as well as the new place you are going to. This will help you determine which item goes where in the new place.

We are one of the most trusted movers in the city. The greatest way to stay away from stress is to get us on board. Let us do all the organizing, packing and moving for you. We are fully equipped with everything that is needed for your relocation.

We can even advise you on how to set up your new place. Our skilled team will work hard to help plan everything to meet your standards.

What are you waiting for call us now! (347) 535-3131

Do you do last minute moving?

Absolutely, anything is possible just give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

How do I get started?

Call us at (347) 535-3131, if email works better just fill out the free estimate form.

How do I get started?

Mike & Edward
TDY Moving & Storage